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Slice of Italy coming to Las Vegas Market
Date: June 26, 2008

Exhibit will show five decades of furniture design

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LAS VEGAS - More than half a century of Italian furniture design will be on display in a special exhibition at next month's Las Vegas Market .

Design Italiano, created with the help of Italian exhibition center Fiera Milano , will open for the first time at the summer market, which runs July 28-Aug. 1.

The 8,000-square-foot gallery on the first floor of the World Market Center's Building C will feature Italian design from 1956 through 2008. Nearly 100 pieces will be on display from 13 top Italian designers and manufacturers, including B&B Italia , Cassina , Flexform , Minotti and Giorgetti .

"As Italy is a recognized axis for superior design, some of the most identifiable trends and concepts in high-end home furnishings have come out of this region," said Bob Maricich, WMC president and CEO. "This exhibit provides insight into the evolution of modern furniture design. These unique pieces laid the path for 20th and 21st century contemporary design, and bringing the best of Italy to Las Vegas will stimulate and inspire retailers attending Las Vegas Market."

Other companies participating in the exhibit include Flou, Futura, Busnelli Gruppo Industriale, Paola Lenti, BBB Emmebonacina, Di Liddo & Perego, Mobileffe, Comfort and Medea.

Design Italiano also will display photos of historic of Italian furniture, with original drafts of the designs shown beside shots of the finished pieces.

The exhibition was conceived, organized and curated with the support of Fiera Milano, City of Meda, Regione Lombardia and Project Monza-Brianza.

Some manufacturers of modern Italian furniture also will exhibit product at the Las Vegas Market on the fifth floor of Building C.


Source: Furniture Today


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