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DOC Assigns Import Duties on China Innersprings
Date: January 02, 2009
Range from 164.75% to 234.51%

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WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Commerce has assigned final duties on uncovered mattress innerspring units imported from China.

In late July, the DOC had announced preliminary rates of 118.17% for eight exporters and producers and a China-wide rate of 234.51%.

In its final determination, the DOC assigned a rate of 164.75% to several Chinese sources.

The China-wide rate was set at 234.51%, the same as the preliminary determination. The rates result from an investigation requested by Leggett & Platt into how Chinese producers were pricing uncovered innerspring units. The U.S. government determined that those companies were selling the goods at rates that are considered less than fair market value.

Duties are paid by importers of record. They are based on the amount under fair market value that the government believes the Chinese producers and exporters are selling the goods into the U.S. market.

The duties apply to innersprings for adult, youth and crib mattresses. They exclude innersprings used in the seating of upholstered furniture, but do apply to innerspring units in mattresses in sleeper sofas and similar products.

The investigation also covered uncovered innerspring units imported from South Africa and Vietnam. Final duties were assigned earlier for those countries - 121.39% for South Africa and 116.31% for Vietnam.

Source: Furniture Today


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