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Latest Direction and Trend in Dubai Imports
Date: February 05, 2009
Malaysian Exporters urge to keep track

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Dubai Ports and Customs Authority currently released its 2007 trade statistics. Dubai’s global imports increased significantly to AED 297.73 billion in 2007 from AED 219.87 billion in 2006, an increase of 35.4%.

The increase was due to the economic boom caused by the increase in oil price, population growth, and increase in construction and re-exports activity. Among ASEAN countries, Malaysia had maintained its position as number one product supplier since the year 2000.

Major Malaysia’s exports to Dubai in 2007 included Jewelleries (AED4.1 billion), electrical and electronics products (AED1.4 billion), timber (AED407 million), edible oil (AED324 million) and furniture (AED286 million). Malaysian exporters are advised top take advantage of this positive trend by establishing representative, conducting detailed research and market visits.



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